Mission of the Underground Railroad Consortium of NYS

The mission of the Underground Railroad Consortium of New York State is to advance and promote New York State’s historic role in the Underground Railroad movement, which was the struggle to end slavery in New York State and in the nation.

This story presents an opportunity to invest in preserving and recognizing a trans formative period in the history of New York State and the United States. The Underground Railroad, as a story of freedom, is intrinsic to the founding principles of this country that continues, today, to be a tenet of American ideals.

Efforts to abolish the institution of slavery generated significant pro- and anti-slavery activities that played out in the courts, in the New York State legislature, in the halls of Congress, and on the streets and in the homes in our communities. This significant part of the Empire State’s history, and this history’s relevance with today, impact the historic, cultural, educational, and economic capacity of New York State.